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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers comprise a diverse group of kind-hearted individuals ranging in age, background, and skill sets. Several of our volunteers are talented musicians who choose to share songs with the residents; others are brilliant manicurists, conversationalists, or board game enthusiasts. When they are not spending time with the residents, our volunteers might be studying at school or university, working full- or part-time, or taking time to explore different career paths. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life!

"I had a wonderful time at the care home and it was a learning experience too. Talking to everyone and helping them with small things. I wish to be there every week.
Thank you for the opportunity."

 "Just letting you know today went really well! Everyone was friendly and [name of resident] seemed really vibrant today. I gave her (to keep) a soft toy cat which she loved and was cuddling and giving it kisses! It made my day :)"

Volunteer training
volunteer catch-up July 2020 edit.jpg
Volunteer meet-up August 2018(edit).jpg

Image from a volunteer training session

Image from a volunteer get-together

"It went really well on Monday! When I got there, everyone playing a 'knock the cones down' game and [name of resident] was good at that game and I could tell she enjoyed it. Then [name of resident] really liked playing the drums with me and really enjoyed the cake I brought."

"It has been a pleasure volunteering here. Feels like a different zone in here with a great positive energy."

Image from a volunteer get-together

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