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What We Do

The Elder Care Volunteers organisation is focused on two main priorities:


1. Initial connection between volunteers and care homes


We aim to connect volunteers with care homes. Using this method provides a greater number of opportunities for volunteers; and homes will be able to witness the benefits of volunteer involvement with their own eyes. We don’t develop policies or procedures, but instead hope this will inspire care homes to develop their own volunteer programmes.


2. Mentorship of volunteers to encourage continuous engagement


We act as a support network for volunteers. Even though volunteering among elders is incredibly rewarding, on occasion volunteers may encounter various challenges. We will provide support to volunteers as they begin their volunteering journey. This may involve someone supporting them on their first couple of volunteering shifts, availability for questions or advice, or a chat every so often to discuss successes or concerns. We hope this will reassure and inspire volunteers so that they feel supported to volunteer on a regular basis.



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